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The Great British Suet Pudding

The Great British Suet Pudding

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Suet puddings made by the Great British Pudding Company.
Packed full of quality meat and gravy that will give you a quality savoury meal.

Cooking Instructions

1. Leave pudding in its pot and place in an oven tray or Saucepan.

2. Fill oven tray or saucepan with boiling water to a depth of 2-3cm.                           

3. Cover with a lid or foil and either place in the oven at Gas mark 4/180oc, or bring up to simmering on the stove.                                                                                             

4. Check water levels every 20 mins and top up if necessary.                                       

5. Reheat for 45 mins if puddings are chilled or 1 hour 15 mins if puddings are frozen.

If using a dedicated steamer, place pudding on steamer trays with grease proof paper or foil loosely on top of the puddings

For multiple puddings time will need to be increased.

To Microwave (1000W oven) from frozen (-18oC)

For one pudding
1. Leave the pudding in its pot, place pastry side down on a plate in the microwave. Heat on full power for 2.5-3 mins.

2. Turn the pudding pastry side up and put a table spoon of water on the top of the pastry. Heat for a further 2-3 mins.

3. Allow to rest for 2-3 mins then place pot upside down on a plate and gently ease pot off pudding ( you may need too use a blunt knife around the inside edge of the pot to help release the pastry)

Please note times are approximate, as all equipment varies in performance. Always check the core temperature of each of the pudding prior to serving.

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